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The CME Church Seventh Episcopal District Board of Evangelism is pleased to announce Lenten Study 2017 – Who is this Man? by John Ortberg. Back by popular demand, Lenten Study 2017 will offer CME churches throughout the New York-Washington Region and Carolina Region to participate in a church-wide Lenten study, sermon series, and small group discussion based on the book Who is this Man? This study includes a book, study guide, and DVD sessions about the impact that Jesus has had throughout history. Pastors are invited to offer a sermon series based on the book.

who is this manChurches are encouraged to form Lenten small groups to meet weekly to discuss the sermon, book, and DVD, creating an atmosphere of fellowship and discipleship. If your church does not currently have a small group ministry, Lenten small groups are a great way to pilot the ministry and plant the seeds of a larger ministry of discipleship through small groups at your church. When the entire church is united in studying the same topic in worship, Sunday school, small groups, youth and young adult ministry, we will experience in a new way the synergy of the movement of the Holy Spirit.

The purpose of the Lenten Study and of small groups is to fulfill the biblical vision of discipleship, when early Christians met in house-churches and “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” The Lord “added to their numbers those who were being saved,” demonstrating the power of discipleship and evangelism in small groups. The benefit of a regional and episcopal district-wide study is that we can prepare for this season together, sharing best practices and encouraging one another in this ministry.

To this end, we will offer three conference calls to prepare for Lenten Study 2017.
– Conference Call for Pastors – Thursday, Feb 9 at 8pm
– Conference Call for Clergy and Lay – Thursday, Feb 16 at 8pm
– Conference Call for Small Group Leaders – Thursday, March 2 at 8pm
RSVP at to receive dial-in information

During the conference calls, we will also begin plans for Social Justice Summer 2017. In the meantime, the packet linked below provides an overview of Lenten Study 2017.


  1. Read the CME Lenten Study packet and share the information with key leaders at your church.
  2. Review training slides on Piloting Small Groups During Lent and other trainings at
  3. RSVP for conference calls at
  4. Register online for CME Lenten Study 2017.
  5. NEW! Download the Lenten Study 2017 Reading Guide.
  6. Check the Seventh Episcopal District Facebook page for updates about Lenten Study 2016
  7. For more information on Who is this Man? visit
  8. Invite your congregation to join in prayer as we prepare to enter this season together.



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